Tips for renting a bride's wedding dress

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful and outstanding on her wedding day. Many brides invest the effort to order a wedding dress just for themselves, besides, many choose to rent to save time and costs. Currently, there are many wedding rental shops, because there are so many choices, girls often have a headache with the questions "Where is the best place to rent a wedding dress?", "How to rent a satisfactory wedding dress?"… To rent a flattering dress at a reasonable cost is not difficult, just note a few points below that the bride will shine splendidly on her happy day.

1. Try on a variety of wedding dresses

Brides often keep the opinion of choosing the style of wedding dress that they love and are familiar with and ignore other models. There's nothing wrong with this either! Because when you wear a dress according to your style, girls feel more confident and confidence is the key to your shining. However, try out different styles of wedding dresses, maybe a cup dress will suit you better than a short-sleeved, long-sleeved wedding dress, ...

Besides, when trying many wedding dresses, it will help you rent the ideal wedding dress models suitable for situations such as dresses for wedding photography, wedding dresses, wedding dresses to go to the table, ...

2. Refer to many wedding dress rental locations

Each wedding store has different models, so checking out dresses in many stores will help you choose the perfect wedding dress for you. Besides, you can also survey the price of each style of dress and compare the wedding dress rental prices of the shops. The girls will avoid renting a wedding dress that is too expensive compared to the common ground, thereby saving a good amount of money!

Some wedding dress rental locations have integrated wedding photography services, if you want a full service, please negotiate with the shops to negotiate prices or have more incentives!

3. Make an appointment with the wedding dress rental place

This not only gives the girls the flexibility to try on wedding dresses at different stores, but it is also convenient for the salons to arrange people to advise you in the best way. You should seek the help of professionals because there are countless beautiful dresses and diverse designs. Experienced professionals will help you choose the wedding dress that best suits your body shape.

4. Time to choose a wedding dress

The right time to try on wedding dresses is in the morning or mid-afternoon because at that time there are usually no customers, the girls will be consulted more carefully by the shop. Avoid going on weekends, this is when it's crowded, and you'll be sharing dress patterns with more people. Before going to try on the wedding dress, the bride should call the store to check the situation and know the appropriate time for the most enthusiastic advice.

5. Go with loved ones

Please invite your best partner to come along, to review and comment on the pros and cons of the dress. Usually, the store staff will introduce the popular wedding dress models and give winged compliments to the dresses, but it is not certain that the dress model is right for you. In order not to be overwhelmed by the store, or to be able to determine a reasonable price for a satisfactory dress, it is really necessary to go with a loved one.

However, the bride should not invite too many friends with her because each has their own opinion and not all have the same taste. Let's go with one or two people who are congenial with you, girls!

6. Costumes to rent wedding dresses

Wear simple clothes and comfortable shoes! When renting a dress, the girls have to travel and try on clothes continuously, an outfit that doesn't take too long to take off and put on is necessary. A beautiful and well-fitted bra will help you look more neat and attractive. The style of your bra or the height of your shoes has a lot to do with shaping the wedding dress you're trying on.

7. Take notes and take some pictures

Every time you try on a bride's dress, you usually try a lot, if you don't have a "super" memory, taking notes and taking pictures of the style of the dress you're trying on is a must. The girls can bring a small notebook or make notes on the phone with information about the style of the dress such as the price, the condition of the dress, etc. In addition, when choosing the right dress, taking pictures can help you compare. when you want to try on dresses in different stores.

8. Clear agreement with the store

The girls need to agree with the wedding shop on the price, the condition of the wedding dress, the rental period, and the price if the wedding dress is damaged in the contract. All agreements must be in writing and signed by both parties, to avoid disputes during the rental process.

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